The Experience

What It's Like to Work with Me

Weddings are so exciting and fun and full of love. But they’re also sometimes stressful to plan. Sometimes things go wrong or it starts to pour rain in the middle of August.

First things first: don’t worry. I got you. My goal as your photographer is to help make the planning and the day as easy and stress-free as possible for you two. Anything you need, I’m here to help and serve you — and not just on the wedding day…really any question you have I’m here for you!

My approach is relaxed, personable, and easy-going. I love a good plan, but on the day of your wedding, it’s your day and we’re going to let it all unfold and smile and cry happy tears through the whole thing. I’m always there to hold your dress, pin your veil, adjust your hair, straighten a collar, and overall just be a calming friend. I’m probably the only vendor that will hang out with you the whole day, so let’s just be pals.

Most of all, I will do everything in my power to make the day go smoothly so you enjoy it and have fun. I tell every couple to remember it’s THEIR day and we are on THEIR schedule. So if you want to take five more minutes to smooch in the back of the limo, who am I to tell you to get your butts back to your guests? Your wedding day will fly by (mine sure did), so enjoy every moment. It’s cliche, folks, but it’s true.