Frequently Asked Questions

For Weddings

It depends on your wedding and how long I’m there, but couples can expect anywhere from 400-1200 images from their wedding. Either way, I promise you will have plenty of quality images that tell the story of your day!

Weddings should expect them 6-8 weeks later. I always try to post previews the week following the session.

Unfortunately, I don’t offer discounts for those who want to skip the engagement session. I include it because I believe in connecting with you before the wedding (if possible) and it’s completely complimentary if you actually break down my packages. However, if you’d like to swap it for an extra hour of wedding day coverage, I would be happy to do that.

You could, but I don’t think it’s necessary. With my style of photography, I’m aiming to create genuine, authentic moments of you and your day. Trying to emulate Pinterest is just going to distract us from that. Most of those images are of other people’s moments or something completely staged during a styled shoot to market a service or vendor. I like focusing on creating images that are unique to you and when my couples fully embrace this documentary style, they get the images they’ve been hoping for. Plus, it’s less stressful. Obviously, if there is a must-have shot, I’ll happily make sure we get it. 🙂

I don’t usually attend your wedding rehearsal. I don’t usually find it necessary because we’ve already planned everything in advance!

Lots of your images will be provided in both color and black/white. I reserve the right to decide which images look best in black and white and how I’d like them to be presented.

If you mean can you have every single beautiful image, personally edited by me, then absolutely. I go through every image I take on your day to ensure you get the best and I don’t stop at a certain count of images to edit. This means if you have 1000 gorgeous photos, you’re getting all of them.

A meal is always a nice gesture, but you’re not required to provide one for me. If you do, please make sure that I eat when you eat and that I am seated in the same room as your guests if possible. This ensures I do not miss any moments and that I can quickly eat my meal and get back to photographing your guests/festivities. When I am seated out of earshot/eyesight of the festivities, I cannot guarantee I won’t miss something (this is the risk you take, as I can’t be in two places at once—yet!).

Of course! Just make sure that they don’t obstruct or push me out of the way during events. I highly recommend an unplugged ceremony because I can guarantee my photos will be better than a cell phone. Also, I’ve had to photoshop out so many cell phones in the way of a beautiful moment while a bride is walking down the aisle. It’s ultimately up to you, but I just ask everyone is respectful of my equipment and my job. I’d prefer portrait sessions only include those in the session as others can be distracting. This goes for wedding day portrait sessions as well. Only those being photographed (or caretakers for animals/children) work best at a session!

For Lifestyle Sessions

For a standard portrait session, you can expect 50-75 images.

Portrait sessions can expect images in 2-3 weeks after the session. I always try to post previews the week following the session.

This is totally up to you! My sessions are really what you make of them. If you want five outfits, okay! If you want one, that’s fine too! Many people opt for two outfits just to have variety. Props are also welcome and if you have a specific vision beforehand, I can bring along some as well if it fits the session.

Absolutely! As long as the pet is allowed where you’ve chosen to have your photos, I’m completely game. FYI though I’m afraid of birds. So if you have a bird, we might not be a good fit.

General FAQs

I have had a camera in my hand for a long as I can remember. I actually used to steal my mom’s old 35mm Nikon point and shoot and take it to school to photograph my friends on the playground. Years later, I graduated to a DSLR in 2010 and spent my college years exploring photography, culminating in a photography class during my senior year. I loved photographing my travels, friends, and landscapes. After I graduated, I continued to photograph my travels, family and friends. I upgraded my camera in 2013 and continued to shoot. Feeling a calling to share my creative talent with others, I decided to start my own photography business in 2016. Other than my college photography class (which was amazing), I am self-taught and have learned a lot online and through collaborating with others.

On a personal level, I’m more introverted and quiet, but very detail-oriented. My personality is weird, as I’m an INFJ who is a type-A achiever. This means I want to get the best results I can, I usually think of everything, and I’m super-prepared, but I also like to fade into the backdrop and put very little pressure on people to perform. What do I mean by this? Photography is intrusive by nature. It’s intimate (or at least it should be) because it captures raw moments. My hope is that I create images that capture moments that are authentic and genuine. My style is informed by documentary and photo-journalism, is more dark than light, and is focused on detail without missing the big picture. I hope you barely even notice I’m there and that you actually ENJOY your time with me.

I mainly use a Sony a99ii with a Sony a99 and a77 backups. I use prime lenses most frequently and usually only use zoom lens during church settings. I have a full set of primes (Sigma Art is my favorite) — 35mm f/1.4,  50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.4. I also own a 70-200mm f/2.8, 16-50mm f/2.8, 10-20mm f/3.5 wide angle, and a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. I also work with several flashes when necessary and have off-camera flash skills for dark venues.

I prefer using natural light if possible and I think it contributes to my documentary, photo-journalistic style. I use flash, both on camera and off depending on the situation, and will use when necessary. If you are getting married in a place with no windows, I will be using a flash off-camera and on-camera to light my photos. This is also true if you have uplighting in your reception venue. There’s no way for me to recreate natural light in that type of situation, so I use flashes!

I will do light touch-ups if necessary, but I don’t reconstruct you. My aim is to shoot in a way that flatters you, but still looks like YOU. You’re beautiful and your photos will reflect that. I sometimes remove distracting elements in an image or a blemish, but inserting a person in an image or altering the way you look beyond light touch-ups are charged on an hourly basis.

Yes, I am a registered business in the State of Michigan. I operate as M. Muncy Studios, LLC. I am fully insured and like it that way!