The lady behind the lens

Madalyn Muncy-Piens

I’ve been using a camera since I stole my mom’s Nikon film point and shoot and took pictures of my friends on the playground. Now I’m using slightly more sophisticated equipment to shoot lifestyle and travel photography. My style is influenced by my training in narrative (thanks English major!). I love to shoot outdoors or with natural light, and I’d always prefer to be the observer of the moment rather than create it myself. I’m not here to edit the crap out of your photos, but to catch you looking like the best version of yourself.

This business was born out of a dream to take beautiful photos and to do something I truly love. I cherish every client and every session.

Sound like we’d be besties? Give me a shout.

Facts About Madalyn

in case you're curious...


Trained as a writer, I've written two novels and have started many blogs.


Cooking is a favorite past-time of mine. I cook almost every day.


My husband, Joshua, can often be seen as my assistant and second shooter.


I went to Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I love West Michigan!


Fresh flowers are a staple in my house.


I'm the corgi-furmom to Nora Rose.


I collect books and probably missed my calling as a librarian.


I care so much about your photos that I often say "YAS" when editing.


I'm a big DIY-er and usually have a house renovation project going at any given time.


I love to laugh and have a great appreciation for comedy!


I love to travel and try to do so as much as possible!